2021 Song Ideas

by Niacin Library

Make Me Home 02:24
Your Winter Numbed Me To most everything The season changed but I still feel the same Someone please please take me home Someone please please make me home Another season Alone and "sane" Am I growing stronger Or just more strange? Please please make me ho-o-o-o-ome Please please take me home Then someone picked up the whitest flag To show me something I never had Someone took me home
Did not take oh too many scientists To get the man to drool at a bell Every conspiracy has got a point Of pointing out what seems to work too well And the people in the tiny screen Are all listening Tracking your movements Yeah I gotta tell you You are an important point And if you deviate from what's accepted Tactics will soon be deployed Cause you're illegal, a bigot a racist The critics... Will unleash every label that Will convince and propel them To prepare the arson To burn you with your sins And the people in the tiny screen Are all listening
Come On 01:33
You Say...Don't be Dependent You Say...It's like a Business I Say, If it's like a Business.. I'd rather have me a whore I Mean Come On, Come On.... If what you're saying is true... If I really could be happy All by myself Why the Hell would I Try Hard For You?
Got Locked up one Time It was a Fine Time Not in a Jail But in a Psych Ward Space So Diagnose me.. Say this and not that "Do you want to hurt yourself Or anyone today?" Not Borderline Still On The Edge Well I guess That's how it is Not borderline I'm cool with it My ex-girlfriend so disappointed That I'm not bipolar, just incredibly depressed A suicidal alcoholic Bitter about the world and frankly how it is But.... Not Borderline Still On the Edge Well I guess that's how it is Not Borderline Hey Man, I'm cool with it.


Just some acoustic ideas I'm kicking around for 2021


released January 23, 2021


all rights reserved



Niacin Library San Tan Valley, Arizona

Niacin Library is the songwriting outlet
for Arizona singer-songwriter
Richard Vine.
e-mail at niacinlibrary@gmail.com

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